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888Ladies Festive Bingo Offer

We haven’t got the facts to back this up but every year it feels like the Christmas advertising starts a little earlier than usual. We remember a time not too long ago where Christmas decorations before December would be unthinkable but some shops in the UK transform into tinsel wonderlands by as early as September nowadays, crazy!

Our theory does hold water, for adverts such as the iconic Coca-Cola advert and the recent string of John Lewis ads, it’s vital that they beat their competitors to the punch when it comes to releasing the advert. For instance, this years Sainsbury’s advert was regarded by many as a masterpiece but it was completely eclipsed by the latest John Lewis advert a few days earlier, I bet they won’t make the same mistake next year!

In the bingo world it’s no different, 888Ladies have stolen a march on their rivals by revealing their planned offers for the Christmas period according to Two Big Ladies. In a bid to entice bingo players to use the site, the UK based company has revealed numerous exciting offers and promotions for the next month or so.

One of the major jackpots which customers have the opportunity to win this Christmas is £8,880 - which would be an incredible win for anyone just before the holidays. Each day in the build up to Christmas has been dedicated to a new game with it’s own jackpot as 888Ladies are hoping the cycle of games will introduce players to something new they will love.

For example, on Christmas Day itself, 888Ladies is hoping that by 7pm their customers will be looking for a bit of excitement in the form of the Rudolph game - where the jackpot is £3,000 split between three lucky winners, a timely prize after an expensive few days.

The fun continues all the way through until New Years Day where the final game will be taking place at 7pm. A perfect time to pour one final glass of wine and enjoy some games as the holiday season draws to a close for another year!

Bingo companies often have a quiet Christmas as people choose to spend time socialising and with their families. However, with the rise of mobiles, tablets and laptops, people are now able to play the game quickly and conveniently whilst participating with the rest of the family.

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