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Latest TMZ Slot Opens Up New Gaming Possibilities

The slots world welcomed a new themed revolver recently and it's been kitted out in the style of celebrity gossip media outlet, TMZ. Known for springing surprise interviews on unsuspecting celebrities and breaking the latest shocking headlines, TMZ has become something of a cultural icon in the US over the last few years. In fact, such is the popularity of the brand that IGT decided to partner up with the publication to create a fully-themed slot game.

Although the product won't be available in US casinos until 2016, the first version of the game was put on show in Las Vegas recently during the Global Gaming Expo. As part of the launch, TMZ on TV's executive producer, Harvey Levin, was on hand to show exactly what the behemoth could do.

Get Inside the Action with Photo Booth Technology

Dwarfing the average-sized player, the game contains three celebrity-themed bonus rounds, but the most interesting feature of the game is its photo booth technology. Thanks to some clever inner-workings, the slot machine is able to capture the player's image and integrate it into the game. For those familiar with slot games online, this feature should be of particular interest because it could soon find its way into the virtual realm.

Indeed, because laptops, desktops and mobile devices already contain built in camera technology, it would be relatively easy for the leading online slot developers, such as Playtech and NetEnt, to replicate the photo booth feature.

An Extra Layer of Entertainment

Of course, whether or not this actually adds much to the game play of a particular slot machine is unclear. However, there's no doubt that it would be fun to see personalised slots offered as an option in the virtual realm. This idea could be taken a step further and applied to existing slots to add a fresh dimension to the action.

For example, if online developers were able to recreate the photo booth feature it would allow fans of a popular online slot game, like Tomb Raider, to ante-up and join Miss Croft as she spins for glory. In fact, this concept could be taken a step further by developers using the photo capture feature to add new prizes to a game. For an extra bet, players could take a photo of themselves, add it to the game as a bonus symbol and receive a special payout when their face lands in view.

A Real Possibility for the Online Slots World

Although photo booth technology is still relatively new and something IGT will be looking to expand on if it's latest TMZ slot does well, there's every chance it could find its way online in the coming months.

iGaming companies are continually looking for new ways to spice up their games and add some extra layers of entertainment and this latest development could be it. With half the technology already in place and platforms all stocked with hundreds of slots crying out for some extra fun, it should only be a matter of time before your face becomes the key that unlocks a hefty jackpot.

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