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The Growth of Millionaires

The UK has a large number of millionaires. Many of them have been created by the increase in property values. Especially in London there is an increasing number of properties that are valued in seven figures, some even eight. There is also a new breed of millionaire as a result of the National Lottery and subsequently the Internet where people are able to enter lotteries everywhere in the world. The increased activity online has resulted in increased jackpot prizes. Since 1994 well over 3,000 millionaires have been created instantly.
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A survey of winners
These millionaires have won between them around £9 bn and a study by Oxford Economics has been done to show how these lucky people have spent their money. Obviously luxury homes, expensive cars and nice holidays are uniform throughout the group. Many have paid off mortgages for family and friends and volunteered their time for a number of different projects. Up to a third of the winners have become volunteers of some sort. You may find this surprising but 20% actually keep working in their existing jobs despite not needing to do so.
These millionaires have created as many millionaires again by the generosity of the winners and over 10% of that £9bn has been given away. What would you do if you became one of those lucky winners? It would be nice to be in the position to have to make that decision.

Online Account
You may have never bothered to enter the lottery; it is something that you need to do regularly and that may be your reason for not bothering. There is an answer to that and it is to open an account with someone like elite lotto . You simply set up an agreed payment schedule and you’re in every time. You don’t even have to check your numbers because the website will do everything for you automatically. If you have a big winner, all you will need to do is to make the decision to transfer your money into your bank account.
From there you can start to spend. The survey says that most lucky winners bought a new house valued from just below a million upwards, the majority bought more than a single property. Audis and Range Rovers have been the most popular cars while the USA a favourite holiday destination. Before you start to dream yourself you need to open that account. It is perfectly secure and no one else will have access. Your financial details will be encrypted so no one sees your actual account details. It could not be easier or more convenient. Why not make contact today with any further questions? You could be in within a matter of hours.

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